Liberty Print Colette Sorbetto Top

I found a metre of this fabric in the sale at Liberty’s and immediately thought of the free Colette Sorbetto top I’ve been wanting to make. I love this print, and despite being alot more expensive then most fabrics I usually buy I think it was worth it in the end.
I wasn’t sure if the pattern would suit me as I’m on the bustier side, normally I try to wear things that are more fitted, but I was pleasantly suprised by the fit.
I kept the pattern simple, I really like the embellishments that others have done but this print is quite distinctive already. I did lower the neckline an inch or so to try to make it more flattering.
Pattern: Colette’s free sorbetto pattern
Fabric: Peacock print tana lawn from Liberty £11 for a metre
Time: One evening spent cutting out the pattern and sewing the main part of the top and one evening to make and attach the bias binding.
What I liked about it: The fit – it looks better then I thought it would. The fabric – the sorbetto pattern was a great simple pattern for this distinctive print.
What I would change: I might try and make my bias binding lie flatter – it does gape a tiny bit. Also I think I would be tempted to make it an inch longer . I also really want to make one with sleeves perhaps like Mena from Sew Weekly’s Sunny Sorbetto.
– Kate

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