Beach lounger upcycled button up skirt

This skirt began life as a M&S jersey dress from the eighties. Bought in a charity shop for £2.99, I loved the fabric but the style was quite dull (a simple tunic dress with the elasticated waist) and the top was fairly moth eaten. Taking inspiration from a lot of the cute button up skirts in the shops and my floral Butterick 5285 circle skirt, I decided to refashion the dress into a skirt.

Had I known we were going to start a blog, I would have taken some before and after shots, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to picture what it was like before.

I started by chopping off the top and cutting the skirt down the middle. Turning over each raw hem, I reinforced each side with some sturdy navy blue jersey. Using the waistband pattern from the Butterick 5285 circle skirt pattern which I knew fit well, I then made a waistband out of the same navy jersey – making sure it was a couple of inches longer so I’d be able to overlap the skirt at the front – and reinforced it with interfacing. I then gathered the skirt following the circle skirt method (though it isn’t as full as my other skirt as there wasn’t as much fabric) and sewed it onto the waistband. I used the automatic buttonhole setting on the sewing machine to create button holes along one edge of the skirt and then covered some buttons with the navy jersey. I’d never covered my own buttons before, so bought a button covering it from John Lewis, and was surprised by how quick and easy it was to do. The last step was to sew the buttons on, and voilà, my very own button up circle skirt.

Pattern: Altered version of the Butterick B5285 skirt

Fabric: Beach lounger print jersey from an old M&S dress
Time: Four evenings (although could probably be done in a couple of hours in one sitting)
What I liked about it: The fun fabric
What I would change: The stitching alongside the buttons – it’s so wonky!
– Kirstyn


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2 responses to “Beach lounger upcycled button up skirt

  1. That fabric is fantastic, what a great find!

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