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Colette beignet skirt

Here’s my poppy red Colette beignet skirt
I made this a couple of months ago. At first I was really happy with it, but having worn it to work one day I realised why the instructions suggest a heavy weight fabric – the fabric I used crumpled the minute I sat on it. There’s a reason using the wrong fabric is number 2 on Colette’s ten ways to ruin your sewing. Oh well I still wear it lot. And now I know how to  make it, I’m probably going to make another one in some emerald green twill I picked up at Holloway market.
Pattern: Colette beignet
The pattern was so easy to follow and I loved the booklet setup. So much easier than the giant pieces of paper that come with other patterns. It made sewing it a dream, despite the fact that it was  probably the most complex thing I’d made at the time. I used my mum’s serger to finish the edges, though it took me about four hours to work out how to thread it.
Fabric: Shell fabric – a red cotton bought at the Knitting and Stitching show last year from the Fabrics Galore stand. Lining Fabric – a cotton check that my sister bought on sale at John Lewis last year.
What I like about it: The fit – I made a size smaller than I thought I would need. I’m about two sizes bigger around my hips than I am at my waist so I cut it for my waist as I didn’t want it to be loose there. And somehow it fits!
What I would change: The fabric! I bought it because I loved the colour but I obviously haven’t learnt my lesson yet about using suitable fabrics. The cotton is too flimsy for this pattern and after a day at work the skirt is very crumpled.
Also my seams are really quite puckered – needed to be more careful about my curved seams in the future.

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