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Colette beignet skirt

Here’s my poppy red Colette beignet skirt
I made this a couple of months ago. At first I was really happy with it, but having worn it to work one day I realised why the instructions suggest a heavy weight fabric – the fabric I used crumpled the minute I sat on it. There’s a reason using the wrong fabric is number 2 on Colette’s ten ways to ruin your sewing. Oh well I still wear it lot. And now I know how to  make it, I’m probably going to make another one in some emerald green twill I picked up at Holloway market.
Pattern: Colette beignet
The pattern was so easy to follow and I loved the booklet setup. So much easier than the giant pieces of paper that come with other patterns. It made sewing it a dream, despite the fact that it was  probably the most complex thing I’d made at the time. I used my mum’s serger to finish the edges, though it took me about four hours to work out how to thread it.
Fabric: Shell fabric – a red cotton bought at the Knitting and Stitching show last year from the Fabrics Galore stand. Lining Fabric – a cotton check that my sister bought on sale at John Lewis last year.
What I like about it: The fit – I made a size smaller than I thought I would need. I’m about two sizes bigger around my hips than I am at my waist so I cut it for my waist as I didn’t want it to be loose there. And somehow it fits!
What I would change: The fabric! I bought it because I loved the colour but I obviously haven’t learnt my lesson yet about using suitable fabrics. The cotton is too flimsy for this pattern and after a day at work the skirt is very crumpled.
Also my seams are really quite puckered – needed to be more careful about my curved seams in the future.

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Colette Rooibos – Fabric

As you may have noticed from the button on our page I intended on doing the Colette Rooibos Sewalong. It’s actually finished now and I’m only just starting, oopsy daisy. On the plus side all the posts are up so I can easily follow and get inspiration from what others have done. I’ve decided on my fabrics and am going to make the muslin this weekend.

The shell fabric is going to be in this forest green twill from Holloway market. It was 50p a metre – bargain!

The piping and lining is going to be in this pretty green flowery print I found in my mum’s stash:

And I’m planning on using some of these green and cream glass buttons from L. Nichols Handmade Glass Buttons that I bought a couple of years ago at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace:

Will update you all on my progress with my Rooibos!

– Kate

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Liberty Print Colette Sorbetto Top

I found a metre of this fabric in the sale at Liberty’s and immediately thought of the free Colette Sorbetto top I’ve been wanting to make. I love this print, and despite being alot more expensive then most fabrics I usually buy I think it was worth it in the end.
I wasn’t sure if the pattern would suit me as I’m on the bustier side, normally I try to wear things that are more fitted, but I was pleasantly suprised by the fit.
I kept the pattern simple, I really like the embellishments that others have done but this print is quite distinctive already. I did lower the neckline an inch or so to try to make it more flattering.
Pattern: Colette’s free sorbetto pattern
Fabric: Peacock print tana lawn from Liberty £11 for a metre
Time: One evening spent cutting out the pattern and sewing the main part of the top and one evening to make and attach the bias binding.
What I liked about it: The fit – it looks better then I thought it would. The fabric – the sorbetto pattern was a great simple pattern for this distinctive print.
What I would change: I might try and make my bias binding lie flatter – it does gape a tiny bit. Also I think I would be tempted to make it an inch longer . I also really want to make one with sleeves perhaps like Mena from Sew Weekly’s Sunny Sorbetto.
– Kate

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