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Nankeen Dress

Here’s my latest finished project and I’m pretty pleased with it!
I bought the fabric while I was in Shanghai in April from a fabric market there. It’s a traditional Chinese indigo print. I bought it after having visited the Chinese Nankeen Exhibition Hall in the French Concession. If you’re ever in Shanghai and into fabric, you should definitely drop in for a quick visit. The courtyard is full of drying indigo cloth draped everywhere and they have beautiful, though expensive, things for sale.
If you are looking for something similar there are also Hungarian indigo fabrics which are beautiful. I saw some lovely ones for quilting at the festival of quilts at the NEC a couple of weeks ago and you can buy them on-line at http://www.kekfestocotton.co.uk/.

The pattern was one I’ve had in my stash for years. It’s got a vintage feel about it and I really like the big box pleats in the skirt. I made a muslin of the bodice and ended up adding an inch to the bottom of it but other than that I made no changes to the pattern.

 Pattern: Vogue 2429 that I’ve had for about 7 years and never used. I made view B.
Fabric:  Nankeen fabric from Shanghai, white cotton for lining
Time:  4 evenings
What I liked about it: I love the pattern of the fabric and the bodice fits nice and snugly in a way I would never be able to get from a shop bought dress. The joys of home sewing!
What I would change: Unfortunately the colour is still running from the fabric despite pre-washing it, so I’m going to have to wash it again. The gathering around the front could be neater – next time I’d be tempted to gather it at the end rather than before it’s all been put together; how much you gather it really effects the fit around the bust. The only other problem is that it gapes a little around the arms around the top of the bodice – but am pretty happy with it in general.
– Kate

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